3.14 – 3.15.2015 – Stucco

This morning Andy and I got up early (Not by choice) but because the stucco guys started around 6am… GOOD MORNING!

IMG_3411 IMG_3413

We decided to make the most of it and started our day by going to Starbucks for breakfast (Andy is slightly an addict – He’s apart of Starbucks Rewards and so it was a free drink for him! Hooray! It always makes that boy happy… I had my soy chai as usual) I’m not typically a huge Starbucks fan but I am so impressed with their business. After Starbucks we ran errands. The electrician at the Ashland project needed to know some of the outdoor light fixtures we were doing because of placement and wires so we went to Home Depot to check them out. I’m usually pretty dedicated to Amazon but I’d like to do “Barn Lights” at the house and they are super expensive: http://www.amazon.com/NPower-Multi-Mount-Warehouse-Barn-Light/dp/B00E9V3KM6/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1426783971&sr=8-2&keywords=barn+lights

I struggle at being able to justify $130 for an outdoor light fixture… Especially when I need nine of them. We found a decent back-up option at Home Depot that was only $30 but it doesn’t exactly accomplish the look we wanted. Alas we will keep looking. After the Depot, we went to Costco. A lot of people don’t think about Costco as having home items but from time to time they will get in backsplash tile, floor tile, faucets, etc and usually they are a pretty good deal, especially when they have an instant rebate available. I found some items that will hopefully work for some upcoming projects when I’ve very excited about! But I was not excited about their customer service… We had amazing service at Starbucks – Seriously impressive! Yet totally the opposite at Costco which was surprising. We had to do a small return and the woman obviously hated her job with a passion. Customer service is huge to me, because when I was younger I worked in retail a lot and served in a restaurant too – It’s typically not hard to be nice and frankly that’s your job. When we were done with errands (And commenting on customer service as though we are professional reviewers), we circled back to Ashland to show the electrician what we found and check on the status of the roof. Everything is looking good!

We got home to find the stucco fairly far along and the house that we’ve had for the last 3.5 years is really transforming to be the best it can be. Now I’m just excited to see it painted! Andy had to leave for his afternoon performance in Follies so I spent the day doing more cleaning and organizing. Andy and I decided to get a massive storage locker because as we prepare to move, it’s good for us to have a place to store things in the meantime. Then when we actually do move, initially we won’t have a place for everything until we build a garage and so a storage locker is a great solution for the moment. I also should really get a smaller locker for some of the staging items because my staging shed will stay with the house when we move. With several trips back and forth to storage, by the end of the day – The house was looking good!

In the evening I drove up to Peoria to meet Momma J and my Grandmother to go and see Andy’s show. It’s my second time seeing it, but their first. I’m really glad I saw it again… Follies is a very well designed musical, but overall slightly confusing, especially towards the end. It took me seeing it twice to fully appreciate it and really follow the story line. The cast did a great job – They are all so talented! When the show was done, I handed off to chandeliers to my Mom so that she could take them back to her casa and refinish them. She has always been so good at making old things look new. The chandeliers are really dated, but with a fresh coat of spray paint, they will look great and be perfect for the Granada project!

On Sunday we were awoken to stucco again… Ugh. Grateful but annoyed. I spent the day trying to get caught up on e-mails and cleaning. Not fun but definitely productive. Andy had his final performance and when he got home we went to Switch for dinner. The new house is just around the corner and so we are really trying to like it since it will be so convenient. My Review: Good food. Questionable service (Again, customer service is huge to me). And their interior should be remodeled so that it’s as nice as their patio.


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