3.18.2015 – Painting

Our house is almost complete… The process has only taken about a week, but it felt like so much longer! The guys completed all of the paint today and it looks so nice. We decided to do the outdoor fireplace and BBQ grey instead of the brown it has been since Andy purchased the house. WOW – I wish we would have painted it grey years ago. It totally makes the blue tile pop and even enhances the saltio tile. After all the plastic is removed and the painters tape is peeling away… The house will have never looked better!

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender

I spent most of the day doing computer work and trying to get caught up on e-mails but in the afternoon, Beth and I went for lunch and then went appliance hunting. I had been scoping out a few places online and decided it was time to go check them out… Eureka! I found a fantastic place in Phoenix with high-end appliances. Most of them are used by in amazing condition and they are perfect for some of the upcoming homes that I’m working on. Such a rockin’ find! I picked out the items I wanted and then the negotiations began! To a place like this, I’m a fantastic customer because I’m loyal and I buy a lot… But it also means I want a great deal. Hopefully I can wheel and deal and this will be another vendor for my flips!

Off to the bank, the post office, and more errands… The day ended with a tasty dinner that Andy made and a very relaxing evening!


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