3.21 – 3.22 – Nice Weekend!

It was a nice simple weekend. Beth spent some more time in the sun (She is determined to go back to Minnesota with a tan) and the evening we went out for dinner at Federal Pizza. Tom and Mike were texting us about going out, but we suggested a game night instead so they came over to the house and we played Ticket to Ride. This is Andy’s favorite game and it has truly become one of my favorites. The board is a map of the United States and the goal is to complete as many routes as possible… But other people’s routes overlap and so it’s not as easy as it sounds – Plus, Andy is hardcore and will often block you just to be a jerk! However, I must brag briefly and announce that I won the first game… Granted only by one point, but I beat Andy (Who always wins)… I won! I won! I won! But round two wasn’t as successful for me… Perhaps it was the additional wine or the distraction of the pizza we ordered? But whatever the reason, I found myself I third place… And of course, Andy won. On Sunday we would typically have a Sunday Funday, but Tom wanted to have Corn Beef and Cabbage as a belated St. Patrick’s Day… We said that if he got the meat, we could cook it at our house. My Mom came downtown to join us and we snuck away to go and drop off to chandeliers at the Granada project. As you might recall, I passed them off to her about a week ago… They were ugly then but they are beautiful now and will look great in the house – Plus it will save us some money too! We chatted about the house and I walked her through my plans… I’m having trouble with two areas in the house – The kitchen and the master bedroom… Both of which are huge selling points so I’ve got to get them right! She had some really great suggestions and it got the ideas rolling in my head again, which was important. We eventually headed back to the house and helped with the cooking process. We set the table outside on the patio. Dinner was great and it was a very nice evening.


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