3.23.2015 – Appraisal Day!

It’s appraisal day at our house! And I’m rushing around the house trying to make everything perfect for the appraiser. Making a good impression is SO IMPORTANT! I want to make sure that he sees all the upgrades we’ve done, the finishes we’ve used, how we’ve maximized the space and why are house is better then every comp out there. My Mom and Beth helped to clean the house and get things organized (Thanks Ladies!) while I prepared a 20-page packet of information about our house and listings that I felt were good comps for our house… I figure if I do all the research and work for him – Maybe he’ll use it rather then going rouge and potentially using comps that aren’t in our favor. If our house doesn’t appraise – It will put us in a very touch situation with our friends and buyers because I know the house is worth what we are asking… But so many times, FHA appraisals don’t come in at the right value. I wish it was Conventional – Those always seem so much more reliable!

The appraiser arrived at 1pm just after my Mom and Beth left for lunch. Nice guy. Seemed receptive to the packet I made for him… But I can’t get a read on him and/or his opinions on the house. No small talk. I walked him through the house and pointed out everything we did, highlighted a few of the comps to show how we got our price and then I left him alone to do his job. 30 minutes later he was done and out the door. The moment he left, the nervousness set in and I started to freak myself out. Oh no – What if I didn’t say enough? I forgot to mention the arches! Maybe I should e-mail him some of the before photos? Argh…

I locked myself in the office for the rest of the day and tried to stop worrying so much. I worked on the binder I’m making Freddie for the Granada house and focused on getting that complete. Andy got home and we stopped over to Granada so I could verify measurements and then we headed up to Momma J’s house for dinner. Beth spent the afternoon up at her house so she could enjoy the community pool and when we arrived, dinner was almost ready. The four of us sat outside and had a glass of wine first – Then it was time for spaghetti! I love my Mom’s spaghetti! It’s my favorite thing she makes because her sauce is amazing. We had a very relaxing and tasty evening. We ended the night with a fire in her backyard and enjoyed the stars!


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