3.24.2015 – Granada Floor Plans

My tire is flat. My driver’s side of my car is still smashed. And I hate the other driver’s insurance company. Thank god I’ve got leftover spaghetti for lunch – YUM!

Overall it was a nice simple day. I spent most of it in the office doing computer work and designs for Granada. When I showed my Mom the house on Sunday, she was really against me getting rid of the kitchen door so I’ve been trying to re-work the layout so that the door can stay and that space will still make sense. I already purchased the appliances for this kitchen and so that helped me to make some design decisions – It took a few layouts, but I finally got the best design for that space… The kitchen is going to be beautiful! Next it was the master bedroom… Which has two different ceiling levels and is altogether a very dark space. I had a design I enjoyed previously for the space but oddly it didn’t allow for any good natural light so I decided it need to be re-worked again and per my Mom’s advice yet again, I was able to take her suggestions and came up with a really nice layout that will be great for the new home owners. It maximizes the space, creates an amazing master bathroom with a huge closet and will offer French doors to a private side patio. The patio won’t have the best view, so I’ll need to wall-it-in and stage it so that it’s attractive to buyers.

FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender

Altogether it was a very fun design day and it helped keep my mind off of worrying about the appraisal. The appraisal decides everything. Are we moving next month? Are we leaving town? Will Ashland be done? If it doesn’t appraise, will we still try to sell FSBO or list it on the MLS? I think so much of my worry comes from just selling Avalon where we had so many different appraised values that were all over the place. Andy was sweet and reassured me – We’ve done everything we can, and there is nothing else we can do but wait… So worrying won’t help. He is right! But it didn’t stop me from e-mailing the appraiser with a friendly note and the BEFORE photos of our house. Fine… Now I feel like we’ve done everything we can.


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