4/5/2015 – Lovin’ Me Some Bunny!

This is my first Easter not being with my Mom to celebrate. She flew back to Wisconsin to be with my Sister and Noah for Ayla’s first birthday. I had wanted to go as well but with being in Minneapolis last weekend, Cabo the next and trying to finish my own house project along with working on several others… It just didn’t seem like the right time. Momma J has always made Easter very special and so growing up it’s been a holiday that I love and I’m personally a big fan of The Easter Bunny… So much that when I work up in the morning, I even had an Easter Basket to find that was hidden for me. The Easter Bunny this year looks a lot like Andy, which made it all the more adorable. After about 15 minutes of hunting for it, I found it in our backyard hidden in the planter… Jelly Beans, Peeps, Chapstick, and an awesome decorative box! The Bunny knows me well!.

After the Easter Basket Discovery we went to Brunch in Scottsdale with Heather and friends before coming back to our house with Tom to dye some eggs and have a leg of lamb. It was Andy’s first time making lamb and I must say – He did an excellent job. With full bellies and perhaps a few cocktails too, altogether it was a very nice Easter.


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