4/6/2015 – Drywall – Woohoo!

Woohoo! We have drywall at Ashland. This makes such a difference for the house! We can really feel the whole layout and appreciate the developments. It took awhile to get to this part because there were so many little details that need to be addressed and verified, but now that we are here… It’s definitely gone quick! Thank god too because we need to move-in 18 days from now at the latest. It’s going to be very close, but everything will work out. I think we might try to rent one of those pods so that we can move into that from out current house, and then have it moved to the new house where we can unpack at our own pace. Seems like a good idea but definitely something we’ll need to investigate. We really wanted the closing date for our house to be the 27th – But Casey and Ramiro wanted the 24th so we are working to accommodate!

IMG_3988 IMG_3940 IMG_3960 IMG_3939


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