4/8/2015 – MonOrchid Staging

Spring is in the air and people want me! Awhile back I blogged about a potential opportunity doing patio staging at the MonOrchid because what we did at our wedding was so successful. Well the opportunity has blossomed and there is an event this upcoming weekend that wants to book us! I say us because this is something that Freddie and I will need to do together and actually I need to credit him with the idea. When we were setting up for the wedding, he looked and me said we should do this… Considering I was getting married that day, I honestly passed the idea by without much thought but here we are circling back to it and Freddie was right – We should do this. The event is on Sunday, which means I’ll be out of town, but I think it’s something that I could coordinate and prepare ahead of time. It will take a lot of planning and quick shopping but I know we can pull it off.

The tricky thing is that the client wants the patio customized to their event… And the event is for Open Vape, which is essentially promoting medical Marijuana in Arizona in preparation for 4/20. This is honestly something I know nothing about – I’ve never tried it, BUT it doesn’t mean I can’t make it look awesome – The challenge is finding items that work for the event in just three days before leaving town. Thankfully Amazon is always there for me. And with FREE same day shipping… I literally order everything by 9am and it was delivered by 2:30pm that afternoon. Now that is impressive! And what was in my Amazon box you might ask? Fake Marijuana leaves, glow n’ the dark stick on leaves, and large Marijuana flag… I wasn’t sure how I’d use any of them, but this is what I came up with for now!

6 IMG_4048 IMG_4018IMG_4050 IMG_4049

My Mom flew back from Wisconsin this evening and so Andy and I picked her up from the airport. Plus I had been borrowing her car since mine is in the shop so I needed to get a rental car for a few days. After we picked her up, we stopped by Ashland to show her the progress and then went to Switch for dinner. It was short and sweet but very nice to see her and catch up!


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