I’m A Bad Blogger :)

I’ve finally accepted the fact that I’m not a good blogger… I love the idea of it and I always have so much to share but it’s a whole different story to try to find the time to sit down and just blog. Sounds simple, but anytime I sit down… I’m looking at houses or shopping on @Amazon. Therefore rather than setting unrealistic expectations of blogging every day or every other day… I’m just going to blog when I can and that happens to be today! (Hopefully someday I’ll have my own TV show and someone will blog for me)

Andy and I are 7/8’s of the way done with our house and I’m hoping that November is the month to be 100%. We purchased our  home on New Year’s Eve last year and so I set a deadline of 365 days AKA New Year’s Eve this year (This of course was after the 4th of July deadline and labor day deadline passed). The house has been a massive project, but it’s beautiful and we love it… More to come on this another time.

I think that flipping a house for us was the best thing I could have ever done for myself as a designer. It was also the most challenging, but what I’ve noticed after doing my own house… Is that I have so much more insight and creativity to do others. Since the last Bermuda posting, I’ve completed two more flips (Belleview and Granada). Both of these houses have incredible master bathrooms and I know that this stems from my incredible master bathroom. Before we moved into our new house (The 7/8’s completed flip that is now our home), I spent part of my honeymoon and countless hours designing it. I do the same thing when I’m working on a flip house, but things that I didn’t realize were possible before… Or that I limited due to cost/construction/time – Now I know can be done without worrying directly about those limitations.

Check out these pics below… The first is at Belleview. It has an amazing wall mounted shower unit with an 18″ ceiling mounted rain shower. Even better, there is access to a private master patio that leads directly out to the pool… Want to go swimming? No problem – Rinse off in the shower on your way outside. The second photo is of Granada. It features an amazing soaking tub that’s big enough for an adult… None of those baths where more of your body is above the water then below! We also used some fantastic beveled tile as an accent wall and the shower hiding behind that partion wall… Is big enough for a party!

0034-Belleview (34) 0073-GRANADA (73)

Enough for now. I need to get back to work and planning costumes for tomorrow. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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