Making a Mid-Century Masterpiece

Palm Springs is known for it’s Mid-Century Modern Architecture with a fun, laid-back vibe. This house, though charming, did not capitalize on the easy going nature of the city.

Traditional furnishings and oversized furniture cramp the living space of this Mid-Century Home, combined with poor space planning… Made this traditional house feel “nice” but nothing special.

The main goal with this space was to bring back the mid-century charm and improve the entertaining space inside the home. The polished concrete floors tell the story of the original floor plan of the house. The white walls create a crisp, clean backdrop for pops of color in furnishings and decor. Brass lighting and plumbing fixtures add bold statements throughout the living space.

Classic mid-century furniture can be found in so many different places. The dining room chairs are paired with a sculptural table from Wayfair, and a bench from Ross. The couch, from Living Spaces, and an authentic orange chair pulled from my sister’s neighbor’s garbage (the things they throw

Mid-Century furnishings provide color and style… Plus knocking down a wall or two typically helps to improve the layout for entertaining.

away in Wisconsin…) provide stylish and comfortable seating in the living room. The seating throughout the living space  is unified by the classic mid-century tapered legs. The exception is the Eames style chair in the corner of the room. This chair has been replicated by many manufacturers so you can get the iconic look at a fraction of the price on Amazon. Nesting tables, side table (not pictured), and book shelf are also from Amazon. The stunning dining room fixture is handmade and purchased from Etsy. Additional decor, like the Sunburst Clock adds to the Mid-Century feel of the space. For more ideas of  Mid-Century design, specifically by Eames, check out Eames: Beautiful Details a coffee table book.

With my new format of Flipping Diaries I hope to take away some of the stress of searching the black hole of the interwebs and make it a Before & After Blog highlighting the changes and providing ideas of how you can do it yourself with links to buy specific items in the posts.

For all the AFTER photos and sources for this project, please check out the Palm Page!


One thought on “Making a Mid-Century Masterpiece

  1. Love it!!! Are you in town this week? We can do bars tools and bed frame/headboard? Xoxo

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