Brass Is Back

Previously this bathroom looked like it belonged in a traditional home with it’s cream subway tile, sage colored walls, and oak vanity with pink granite. For all intended purposes, this was a very nice bathroom and one of the first, and only spaces I’ve ever felt slightly bad for renovating. What’s wrong with it? Not much… Other than the obviously pink granite and the fact that it was in the wrong place, at the wrong time – A Midcentury Modern home in Palm Springs.

BEFORE: The first space I’ve ever felt slightly bad for renovating! A nice traditional bathroom, but one that wasn’t appropraite for the style of the home.

The entire space stayed as-is and we did a truly cosmetic remodel on this bathroom. It’s the only guest bathroom for the house, so it’s used not only by both of the guest bedrooms, but also anyone visiting the house… So the space needed some wow factor!  We pulled up the saltillo tile floors and heavily polished the exposed the concrete below. The vanity was removed (And donated) and replaced with a wall mounted glossy gray vanity instead. This helped to provide the illusion of more space in the bathroom and give it a modern look. The wall of mirror was a true asset to the space and it was maintained throughout the remodel. However, instead of keeping the pink granite, we did a clean white quartz countertop and had it fabricated to extend the entire length of the mirror, across the top of the toilet to maxamize useable counter space in the bathroom. This is one of my favorite bathroom solutions to make them more functional and feel bigger.

AFTER: A bathroom that compliments the style of the home and offers some WOW factor!

I’m pleased to say, brass is back! And thankfully for all of us, it’s better then ever! For years, brass has been discarded and thought to be outdated or tacky, but it’s popping up in designs everywhere (Even your local Target stores!) and it found it’s way right into this bathroom. I replaced the traditional vanity light with an awesome custom brass sputnik pivot fixture that was custom made by a lighting designer in Phoenix. I complimented this light but doing a cool polished brass vessel faucet next to a simple vessel sink, and an amazing brass rainshower head that will make you feel like you’re showering in gold! Instead of a shower curtain, I opted to do a fixed glass panel to highlight the amazing new shower tile. We replaced the traditional subway tile with a series of three different tiles to give the room more visual interest. On the window wall, I found a white textured wavy tile that you’ll never get bored running your hands over, and also helps to make the white bathtub dissappear (The bathtub/shower combo isn’t always ideal, but it’s important to have a bathtub in the home for resale). On the plumbing wall next to the mirror, I found a cool light gray geometic tile and paired it with black grout to make the brass pop! Then on the opposite wall where there was previously cream subway tile and a sage green accent wall, I found large 24×24 blackish gray tile to replace it and ran it across the whole wall from floor to ceiling. This not only provides a cool reflection in the vanity mirror, but it makes the space more functional too if there is any water over-spray from someone showering in gold 🙂

To see all of the AFTER photos from this project… Plus the rest of the sources (Because now you know you need brass in your life!) – Check out the Palm page!




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