First Impressions

We are always told not to ‘judge a book by it’s cover,’ but when it comes to houses, that’s exactly what we do! Curb appeal is everything. It’s the first impression, and it should be a summary of your home.


This home had charming roof lines, nice brick details, and great corner windows… But it was long overdue for a paint job. The roof was in bad shape, and the lawn was all dirt. The corner windows were also painted the same color as the house so they blended away and the property had no fencing or privacy to the backyard.

17th (1)

Now this curb appeal is a good summary of the house. Inside it offers a gray and white color palette with a traditional layout that’s complimented by modern accents… Which is almost exactly how I’d describe the exterior too! Outside, we did a new dimensional shingled roof to highlight the angles of the hip roof style. The entire house was painted with two contrasting colors: Gray-Squirrel by Martha Stewart and Bright White. Together they created a great visual contrast and excentuated the charming exposed dove tails around the edge of the roof and the brick details under the windows… Which were also replaced with new dual pane glass; both to help conserve energy, and to improve the appearance of the home. Modern wood slatted gates were constructed for each side of the home to help secure the property and create visual interest. New modern black address numbers helped to make a statement and simple desert landscaping was added to follow the lines of the house. Now this home is ready to be judged like the cover of a book!

To see all of the AFTER photos from the project and more sources – Check out the 17th Ave page!



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