Why Have A Walk-In… When You Can Have A Walk-Through?

This South Scottsdale home didn’t have much to offer for a master bathroom. It was great that it had one, but the space was small, dark, and had no amenities. The shower was so tight, you could just fit one person… But the shower curtain meant that someone near the toilet, might also get a shower they weren’t expecting! You always hear that kitchens and bathrooms sell home, and it really is true! So what makes a master bathroom special? Typically people want double sinks, a private toilet, a bathtub is always fantastic, but sometimes even more important… A great shower.

IMG_4292Knowing that space was an issue in this bathroom, I realized that we couldn’t achieve the privacy that most master bathrooms deserve, but I did see that it was possible to create room for double sinks by sliding everything down. Another sink could be added where the toilet was, and the toilet could slide down to where the shower was currently located. This would create a great vanity area, but we still needed a shower… Thankfully, the master bedroom had two closets. The one next to the bathroom was huge and oddly had an exterior door in it. I would typically never recommend taking away closet space… But in this situation, it was the best solution.

0034-Belleview (34)Therefore, we cut the huge closet in half making it a much more modest size, but still functional. With the space that we removed from the closet, we created a massive walk-through shower. The spaces were connected by creating an opening to the shower across from the toilet. We did large 12×24 tile along the walls to help elongate the space and installed a rain-shower panel to create an element of luxury. This panel has a diverter that allows you to enjoy several different shower functions AND it’s fingerprint resistant (Can I get an Amen?) It also allowed us to connect a ceiling mounted rain shower to create an even more luxurious experience. The previous bathroom also lacked natural light, so we embraced the odd exterior door that had previously existed in the closet, and changed it to a single glass french door within the shower. The backyard offered a fantastic pool, so now when you’re heading to the pool, you can rinse off on your way outside… And do the same thing again when you’re coming back in. Some people might be worried about people peeking in (I say “let them peek!”)… But knowing buyers might not feel the same, we created a custom horizontal slatted wall on the patio adjacent to the shower door to create visual interest and privacy.


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