Opening A View

This real estate listing prided itself on a home with amazing views, but when we got there… We realized the property had amazing views, but the home did not. Oddly, it seemed like the previous owners did everything they could to “hide” the views, rather than embrace them. Small windows, dark colors, tight spaces, and the worst part… Half of the covered patio was framed in to create an outdoor laundry area. Granted – laundry is very important, but not on a patio and definitley not when it means blocking a beautiful view!


On top of all that, the house was very traditional and didn’t cater to the original Mid Century Modern style of the home or the Palm Springs vibe. Therefore, we gutted the entire kitchen and donated all of the granite and cabinets to ReStore. With a more open space, it was clear that the wall seaparting the kitchen from a pantry/hutch area at the back, needed to go to create a better flow within the space. This made the door to the patio feel more inviting so we swapped out the generic solid door that was there previously, for a glass door instead to bring in more natural light (Plus painting it orange obviously helped to add a pop of color!) The outdoor laundry area was relocated to inside the house, and the framed-in area of the patio was demolished to open up beautitul mountain views. The odd back part of the kitchen was repurposed as an office area with a fantastic contemporary desk I found on Amazon to give the space more versatility. However the biggest impact was made by changing the kitchen window. Before the little kitchen window was fine, but didn’t do the view justice. Now that the view was opened up, we needed a window that would allow the house to open up too. A custom window (3′ H x 7′ W) was fabricated to mount on top of the quartz counters and open completely so that the countertop continues seamlessly to the exterior for outdoor counter seating.


Inside, all the walls were painted white! We embraced polished concrete floors, and installed high gloss gray modern cabinets with white quartz counters to bring back the modern look that the home deserved! Per my previous blog, “Brass Is Back” continues here in the kitchen with the modern polished brass kitchen faucet, complimented by the brass cabinet pulls below. The brass is an unexpected contrast again all the white and gray, but adds a touch of luxury to the space.

To see all of the AFTER photos from this project… Plus the rest of the sources – Check out the Palm page!


2 thoughts on “Opening A View

  1. OM Goodness James. This is fantastic!!! You are so talented. Hope to get your help on my house next fall when I return to CB

    I’m here for 2 more weeks. Let me know if you’re going to LS in those next weeks

    Hugs Doreen

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