Simple Solutions

Some of the best design comes from simple solutions. Often times it’s hard for people to see the solutions within their own homes because they are trained at looking at something a certain way, for so long, that it’s hard to imagine it just slightly different. However, usually it’s the simple solutions that can make a huge impact. When I walked into this home, I was shocked to find how nice it was (Espeically since most of the time I encounter graffiti, holes in the walls, and smells that are hard to describe). It was a bank foreclosure, and although the home looked slightly dated – Everything was still in very good condition!


With slate tile floors, brown quartz countertops, shaker cabinets, and Viking appliances already pre-existing, it was easy to see that this space didn’t need much. The cabinets were a good quality, but the light maple color has become fairly outdated in the last 10 years. My simple solution was to paint them and create some contrast. We did a classic white paint on all the upper cabinets, and an army green on all the base cabinets. The green color has a lot of gray in it, so it ties in very well with the existing slate flooring and creates a refreshing balance. Most buyers won’t go house hunting wishing for green cabinets, but most will also be pleasantly surprised to find something “unique” that reminds them of something they saved to one of their ideabooks once upon a time on their houzz account. The white subway tile backsplash is timeless, but the yellow and red detail that someone decided was a “good idea” behind the stove… Was clearly not a good idea. Luckily I was able to source the same subway tiles to create a much more timeless look by doing a herringbone pattern in the center, framed out by the matching molding tile around it. Finally, I always think it looks awkward when cabinets are built into drywall and they aren’t the same color. Painting both the drywall structure and cabinets around the refrigerator opening gives the appearance that it’s a massive custom cabinet for a built-in refrigerator. It also visually creates the illusion of more height in the space.

0011-Almeria (12)

Replacing all of the cabinet hardware made a big impact. The previous pulls were very cheap and lacked character. Instead I found stainless cup pulls for all the drawers, and stainless handles for all the doors. These look much more expensive and the variation creates visual interest. I sourced a .7 cu ft microwave for the custom opening on Amazon, and complimented the simple solutions for this kitchen makeover with accessories from Target.

To see more AFTER photos from this project and the rest of the sources, please check out the Almeria page!


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