It’s Pool Time

When we purchased this house, it had a great pebble-tech pool, BUT the surroundings were not great. The pool decking was cracked, cut open, and patched every way you looked. The lawn was overgrown and the house wasn’t any better


And on top of being ugly, the water drained directly towards the house causing water issues with the siding. Therefore, we determined that the best solution was to correct the drainage by changing the slope towards the pool rather then the house (Duh)… And the best way to do this and hide the ugly decking was to surround the pool with pavers. The main issue with pavers is the expense! So instead, we used concrete-block wall toppers as ‘pavers’ which provided a cost effective and beautiful solution. As for the house… You can likely notice a few changes there too! We edited the two doors on the left side. The one closest to the corner became a single, glass french door with direct access to the master shower and bathroom. We made a custom yellow screen infront of the glass door to add privacy and create visual interest. The second door was converted to a pass through window within the kitchen and created outdoor bar-stool seating.

0037-Belleview (37)

Fresh siding, fresh paint, and removal of the (obviously) awkward window all helped to make this pool’s surroundings look as good as the pool itself. But, a yellow sunshade, orange tables, and outdoor furniture helped make it look cozy!

To see all of the AFTER photos from the project and more sources – Check out the Belleview page!



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