Would You Buy A House With Only One Bathroom?

Would you buy a house with only one bathroom? Most people would answer “NO!” (including myself, with some exceptions)… But that’s because we’ve become spolied at the idea that practically ever person in the household needs their own bathroom. Don’t get me wrong… I like this concept and it makes sense overall because bathrooms help to sell homes. However, this doesn’t apply to most old houses because most were built with only one! This was exactly what I encountered with this historic home in Central Phoenix. There was a bathroom! BUT it wasn’t good… The double windows in this bathroom were charming, but the tiny pedestal sink lacked funtionality and the space had no storage. The lighting in the space was awful and it was made worse by the “yellow hue” of an accent wall that I assume was done to make the space feel “cheery” – Yet, it was clearly not working.


When selling a house, only having one bathroom can be a challenge… So it’s important to make a good impression. My solution in this space was to replace the windows to allow more natural light to enter the bathroom. We swapped out the broken vanity light for a modern wall sconce that offered a lot of light! We painted over the yellow accent wall with ‘Tiffany Blue’ because this color makes a statement. It has an aquatic vibe which feels appropriate for a bathroom, but it also creates a visual recognition for people that are familar with Tiffany’s… A lot of people ‘wants Tiffany’s… So one can hope that the same ‘want’ will be applied to this bathroom. It’s a stretch, but you’d be surprised by the impact that colors have on buyers! We removed the pedestal sink and created a vanity cabinet using three “upper” cabinets (Only 12″ deep) and then adding a toe kick on the bottom. This was an ideal solution to provide extra storage within the space without making the bathroom feel too tight. We bumped the middle cabinet forward using 2×4’s behind it to create enough counter-space for a sink. We installed carrara marble counters to give the bathroom a sense of luxury and complimented them with a modern LED faucet mounted into the deck of a raised vessel sink. These items were very affordable, but also make a lasting impression.

17th (52)

I purchased a metal bamboo framed mirror from HomeGoods and centered it between the new windows to create a nice contrast against the blue wall. Staging items from Target helped to make the bathroom feel more welcoming and hide a bad seam in the backsplash of the marble… Which is a good example of how to address challenges… Because there is always a solution! AND thankfully, these solutions paid off because people loved the space and the home sold. One bathroom isn’t ideal, but a lot of people will answer “YES” to one bathroom if the space is special and it makes sense for everything else they get with it (Obviously a fantastic home in an excellent neighbor). Hence why we flipped it!

Fun Fact: The large chrome hook holding back the curtain featured in the BEFORE photo didn’t find it’s way back into that house… Instead it found it’s way into my home and we now use it for pool towels. What can I say… It’s a cool hook! To see all of the AFTER photos from the project and more sources – Check out the 17th Ave page!


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