The Power Of Staging

Before this space was consumed by carpet and floor to ceiling sheers. The entire house felt so gloomy and small. This was the great room, but there was nothing ‘great’ about it. Perhaps it was the aliens and pyrmids painted on the exterior of the house, but the whole house just didn’t have great energy so it was very important going into the project to think about what we could do to change that. IMG_3436

Due to enclosing the carport and creating a garage, we lost the dining room window. To offset this loss, I found an awesome chandelier from Amazon and had it hung to establish a proper dining room space. This was a huge improvement from the flush light fixture that was above the dining room area before! We did a light gray paint on the walls to make the space feel airy and opened up the kitchen wall. This made a very dramatic impact on the house because the kitchen became the heart of the home by opening to the sunken family room on one side and the great room on the other. The carpet came up and we did a dark wood laminate flooring. This helped to ground the space and it provided a nice contrast against the new baseboads and light walls. With all these changes, the space felt much larger but it was the staging that became it’s biggest asset. People need an idea of how the room could be laid out, espeically in a long and narrow space like this. We got a size appropriate table to go below the dining chandelier and a matching gray sofa and loveseat that have soft lines and could easily change styles depending upon how they’re dressed with pillows and accessories. We did glass top tables so that they didn’t feel too heavy and found sophisticated lamps to balance out the sofa and add more light to the space.  0005-Claremont (5)

All of the furniture came from Living Spaces which is a fantastic furniture store that we have here in Phoenix, while most of the accessories came from HomeGoods or AtHome. These three stores are essential for staging. Furniture can be very benefical when changing the energy of the home. Without it, the space would be beautiful but not welcoming. This addition helps to make people feel like they can come in, sit down, relax, and decide that they need to buy the home!

For more of the AFTER photos from this project and additional product sources, please check out the Claremont page!




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