Focal Point

Regardless of where you live, outdoor space is important to your home. Whether it’s a backyard or a balcony, it adds value and enjoyment to every property. However, it’s also important to consider how that outdoor space looks.


The backyard of this property had a lot to offer with a nice covered patio, a full casita, and a huge two-car tandem carport that’s accessed via the alley (granted the access sucked, but more on that below). However the view from the house wasn’t inviting. There was nothing to catch your eye and draw you outside… There was no focal point!

Almeria (35) fire

We improved the access to the carport by doing a large sliding gate so that cars can easily be driven in from the alley and parked without any hassle. But this added function still didn’t do anything to improve the appearance of the backyard. My solution was to do a large faux fireplace constructed out of corrugated metal. This fireplace aligns perfectly with the backdoor of the house creating a dramatic focal point. I say faux fireplace because we installed a ventless ethanol unit at the base. This fireplace produces a real flame but doesn’t involve any gas or electric so it makes installation so easy! To finish it off, we added large 24″ x 24″ pavers within the grass. The placement of these pavers help to accomodate two chairs and also help blend the line between the hardscape and grass making it feel more inviting!

For more AFTER photos from this project and for additional product sources, please check out the Almeria page!


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