Easy Access

Happy 4th of July Weekend! For safety, function, and aesthtics its important to consider access to and from a house. People like to be able to see how they can get in and out, but it can also make a home feel more inviting. There is something very special about a large french door or sliding glass door – They make spaces feel brighter, larger, and it helps unify interior and exterior spaces. IMG_3789Anytime I can add one to a home, I try to seize the opportunity! Previously, this home was rough… Don’t get me wrong, I like the color blue, but not when it’s everywhere! However, beyond the blue, many of the windows were damaged, the fireplace (although very cool) wasn’t functional, and the side door went directly into the yard without any patio space and minimal room to add one. My solution was to replace the existing door with another window facing the side yard. The fireplace and damaged windows were removed and replaced by a large french door. This door helps to create easy access to the exterior, allows in a ton of natural light, and makes the backyard feel so much more inviting.

0045-Claremont (45)


Staging this room was important to me because I wanted to make sure buyers understood the flow and layout of the space. I hung IKEA curtains and sheers along the window wall and continued them over by the french doors as well. I mounted them to the ceiling to help disquise the fact that the ceiling slants. Wall Sconces from Amazon help to add additional lighting and elegance to the space.

For more AFTER photos and to see all the product sources, check out the Claremont page!


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