Where’s The Bar?

This mid-century modern home had been modified over the years by converting a bedroom to expand the living room. Totally a great idea, but they left the closet opening and made it a TV nook instead. This felt awkward to me, and at the same time, I realized there was an opportunity for this space…


The guest bathroom is on the other side of the old closet wall which meant easy access to plumbing and drains. My solution was to convert the closet/TV nook into a full wet bar complete with sink, ice maker, and a 24″ wine fridge. We tore out the header above it so that the ceiling line was continuous. Modern cabinets to match the kitchen were installed and complimented by quartz counters. My favorite part – The ‘BAR’ sign, which I found during one of my many HomeGoods shopping escapades!


The brass sputnik light also makes a big impact on the space and was custom made by a lighting designer here in Phoenix. Check out LucentLightShop on Etsy and tell Sarah that I sent you! We complmented this awesome light by doing a brass bar faucet, and brass cabinet hardware too! With the TV located on the opposite side of the room now, this space has a better flow and function… Plus from the moment you walk in the front door now, you know where the bar is!

For more AFTER photos of this project and additional product sources, check out the Palm page!


4 thoughts on “Where’s The Bar?

  1. I found your blog via a link in an Atomic Ranch article. The article said the walls had many textures. I have the same issue in my house. Did you remove all the sheetrock or skim the walls & retexture or go with a smooth finish?

    1. Thanks for reaching out! We just skimmed the walls to cover the exisiting textures and then completed it with a smooth finish. It was a big job, but definitley worth it to give a unified and modern look!

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