Foyer vs. Dining

From the moment I walked into this house, I struggled with it’s flow. It had a “grand” entry foyer for such a small house, but as a result, the living room felt disconnected and the dining space was pushed into the corner of another room. I also couldn’t get past that the living room window had an exterior light next too it and the mailbox slot as well… Two features that both felt like they should belong next to a door and not a window.


My soultuion was to swap the door and window! They were the same opening so the headers above them were a non-issue. However, it’s a brick home so that created a lot of challenges on the exterior. Thankfully I was able to source vintage brick from a neighbor and we were able to repeat the original brick pattern after the swap. From the exterior you can’t notice until you’re looking for it and from the interior… It feels like it was always this way! AND perhaps it was… This home is located in a historic district within Central Phoenix and so the administrative process of relocating it was much more challenging then the physical processs. Luckily I was able to make my case to Historic Preservation and  they agreed that it felt as though the door was in the wrong place, therefore by relocating it – We were also restoring!

Almeria (7)

After the swap, I also changed out the foyer fixture for a proper dining room chandelier. It makes a great visual impact on the space and goes well with the style of the home. I furnished it with pieces from @livingspaces and used accessories from @target to help make the house feel like a home!

To see more AFTER photos of this project and see all the product sources, check out the Almeria page!


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