Identity Crisis

This home is located in a unique urban neighborhood within Central Phoenix offering Mid-Century built homes. This was my second project in this neighborhood and I feel myself drawn to it because of how misunderstood the homes are. Most people don’t see the potential that they have because they want to make them into something they’re not. If you want a traditional style home… Don’t move here!


When we got this property, it had some new “upgrades” such as fresh paint and new flooring. Both we could work with, but everything else needed some help because the space had definitley been pushed in the direction of a more traditional style. The original cabinets were in good condition and I couldn’t help loving the decorative wood detail over the sink. We kept them all and painted them bright white on top and ‘Pencil Point Grey’ on the bottom for contrast. Quartz counters and a white mini-subway tile backsplash with black grout were installed to tie it altogether! Previously the kitchen stopped at the stove which felt very abrupt. My solution was to add two small cabinets at the end so that the kitchen felt complete. Freddie crafted a small bookcase cabinet on the bottom and a wine cabinet on top which was connected to the original cabinets by a new, modern exhaust hood. These changes added additional storage, made cooking more functional, and contributed a lot of style! We cut down the sink cabinet to make room for a large stainless steel farm sink which paired beautifully with the new stainless steel appliances. Thankfully we were able to trim the cabinet doors and reuse them below after the sink was installed.


There was electrical covered by a wall-plate within the soffit above the sink that was just begging to become a light fixture. I found a fun adjustable wall sconce that was perfect for this application. It was originally black and brass, but a little silver spray paint went a long way!  Spray paint was also helpful with the pendant lights – I found them on Amazon for $4 but they were originally lavender, therefore I used a matte black spray paint and now they compliment the space perfectly! Another big impact came from changing all the cabinet hardware. I loved how the handles were all originally mounted horizontally in the kitchen – We kept the same concept when the new ones were installed on all the doors and I sourced stainless steel pull tabs for all the drawers!

This house became a great blend of old and new. I love when we can work with things that are pre-existing and make them better. Before this Mid-Century home lacked identiy, but now it’s found the modern style it was always meant to be.

Here is a question for followers: True or False? Was there always counter seating in this kitchen?



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