Feeling Blue!


Color can make or break a house. When flipping houses, it’s important to consider who your demographic is and try to neutralize things for a buyer. Clearly I’m obsessed with grey and I’ll often try to carry grey tones throughout a house so that it feels unified and flows. However, I also try to introduce a color, which essentially becomes the “signature” for the home. Typically I’ll try to apply it in places that someone can easily change if they want (Exterior shutters, the modern slat design, front door, interior accent wall, and sometimes even the kitchen island).

Previously when you walked into this house, it almost felt like you were walking into a Northwood’s cabin and not a home in Central Phoenix. The amount of pine wall paneling and pine cabinets was overwhelming. Not to mention, the configuration didn’t make any sense and created a terrible layout with no functionality for cooking or enjoyment. From the start, I new this project was a gut-job and everything had to go!


The before and after of this transformation is very hard to recognize but the photos are essentially taken from the same spot. All of the cabinets were removed and donated. Drywall replaced the wood paneling that covered the ceiling and rather then having a giant peninsula with upper and lower cabinets… The new kitchen was designed to have cabinets wrapping the walls with an island in the center of the room… And with such a focal point, why not paint it blue? White shaker cabinets complete the majority of the kitchen and offer white marble counters. Stainless steel appliances helped make it into a chef’s kitchen, especially with the addition of the chrome pot filler (Less then $50 on Amazon!) and a modern exhaust hood! The one challenge we encountered was the slanted ceiling because it made it difficult to do upper cabinets. Therefore we installed them on only the two sidewalls and installed an awesome marble backsplash that extends all the way to the ceiling on the main wall.


Blue became this house’s signature color (In case you didn’t already pick up on that) and it was important to me to carry the color into the kitchen. I like painting kitchen island’s because it makes them feel more like a piece of furniture then just kitchen cabinets. People seem to either love it or hate it, but regardless it’s eye catching which is always important when selling a house! And it can easily be painted white again if blue isn’t your thing!

Do you love it? Or hate it?



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