Just Bad Design

Sometimes you walk into a house… And it’s just bad design. Before, this kitchen had a great lake view, but the kitchen itself wasn’t anything worth looking at. The sink and dishwasher were originally placed to take in the views, but as a result, the layout was tight and not ideal. Two different style cabinents and a massive soffit with flouresent lights consumed the room making it feel very small and disconnected from the rest of the house.


We opened the wall between the kitchen and living room with an archway to offer counter seating. This helped to tie the spaces together and made the kitchen flow with the rest of the house. Embracing the new opening, we relocated the sink and dishwasher to the center of it and create more useable counterspace on the side for food prep. New dark wood cabinets were installed with oil rubbed bronze hardware to enhance the traditional styling of the home. With the soffit removed, we were able to extend the cabinets to the ceiling, which helped to make the space feel much larger. We kept the low window on the side but built a bench below it. An oil rubbed bronze chandelier replaced the old ceiling fan, and helped to anchor a beautiful eat-in kitchen area.


Bad design can make a very negative impact on the functionality, enjoyment, and seriously affects resale value (Which is why I have a job)… However, sometimes it can be easily corrected. Always look at the assets that your space has and work to find solutions for the things that aren’t working.


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