Navy + Copper + Brick

This 1930’s charmer had a lot to offer, but the kitchen was far from functional or desirable. I wanted to make sure we could save and reuse as many of the original kitchen cabinets as possible and I decided that could be achieved by leaving the kitchen sink wall as-is. The before photo doesn’t show the kitchen wall… But rather the view through the kitchen window which is where the main transformation occurred.


In order to make the space more functional, we expanded the kitchen into the laundry space behind it. With the extra space, the refrigerator and gas range were able be relocated to the new back wall. Custom cabinets to match the originals were built and painted Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore – This color was inspired by a post from @the_real_houses_of_ig and was the perfect choice for this masculine makeover. Marble counters, white subway tile, and a custom stainless steel exhaust hood all helped to give the space a fresh look.


However, some of my favorite aspects of this transformation came from the details. In the process of reconfiguring the kitchen we were able to remove the plaster from the side wall and expose the original brick. We did a custom metal doorway frame to help protect the raw edges of the door opening and give it a more finished look. The main part of the house had original 2″ Oak hardwood floors. After a lot of searching, I found the perfect match and we extended the hardwoods throughout the kitchen (Removing the terrible blue and white tiles of course) and all the way into the den. This helped to make the space feel so much larger and created a unified look for the house. Finally… Copper!!! I was inspired by the home’s original copper and glass door knobs, and made in my mission to find copper cabinet hardware and lighting throughout. This finish pops against the navy and helped to create the perfect blend before old and new.

TIP: If you can’t find a Copper Light fixture that you like (Because I know I struggled with this)… Purchase a fixture you love and spray paint it Copper! Rust-Oleum makes the best metallic copper that gives the perfect finish!

Interested in anything you see in the AFTER photo? E-mail me: for the direct sources and product links. 


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