Making A Master Patio

With over 1000 likes on my recent backyard transformation Instagram post, and with requests for more inspiration… I thought this was a fun one to share. This transformation is from my most recent project. The house came with a great backyard, but this area felt forgotten and its potential had clearly been overlooked.


Due to the reconfiguration of the kitchen, the exterior laundry door had to be removed. (Want to know more about this kitchen I’m referencing? Check out the past few posts to learn more about this transformation). However, at the same time we wanted to add a door to the master patio for outdoor access. This created the perfect opportunity to make a master patio… Complete with an outdoor shower! Rather then trying to patch the brick, the opening was framed in, plumbing and drainage was used from the laundry, and penny tile that matched the bathrooms was added as a background for a beautiful rain shower unit! An outdoor shower might seem like a weird addition, but on a master patio it adds some sex appeal to a space that wouldn’t normally have any. It’s also perfect if you have a pool or spa, and very functional if you need to give the dog a bath or clean up an outdoor mess.


Large square pavers helped to create the patio area and were separated with pea gravel in between as a cost-effective solution. People usually think that making a patio is expensive but 24″ x 24″ concrete pavers usually run about $12 each (In Phoenix) and using a few of them together can create a very functional and useable surface area. Large river rock was added to the edges of the patio for visual interest and to add texture to the landscape. A Decorative Palm previously overwhelmed the front of the house but it was trimmed and transplanted from the front yard and planted by the den window for privacy.

If you don’t have enough patience to wait for Mother Nature’s assistance in making a plant or vine grow large enough to cover something “unsightly” (AKA Utility Boxes in my case) – I recommend an ‘Artificial, Faux Ivy Leaf Expandable/Stretchable Privacy Fence Screen’ from Amazon because it’s the perfect solution in the meantime. My other favorite detail from this transformation is the vintage metal awning that was saved from the trash and painted navy to compliment the new accent color for the house. Ironically it had the same curved edge as other elements of the house, so not only does tt provide shade for the master bedroom, but it feels like its original to the home! Sometimes you just get lucky!

Any questions about this transformation? E-mail me at: for more information!


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