Staging For Success

When people say it’s not necessary to stage bedrooms… I can’t help but wonder how ugly their bedroom at home must be? I’ve been design and flipping homes for almost six years now and one of the important things I’ve realized is that staging for success is priceless.

Good design has become trendy, but so many people are too busy with life, work, and school to actually achieve it. When people are house shopping, it’s no different. Most buyers want a house that’s “done” and “move-in ready” because they don’t have the time to fix it up themselves. There are a lot of factors that are important in determining how quickly your house sells, and at what price, but a huge factor is design. Whenever I complete a project – I stage the entire house like a home. Not like a “flip” or like a “staged home” because people need to walk in and fall in love with what they see. If people feel like they are walking into a magazine… Chances are that it will be love at first sight, and a sales contract will follow.

Staging has been a growing process for me… First I did pretty towels in the bathroom, a fake orchid in the kitchen, and some patio chairs or barstools for people to sit. This progressed into staging the living room and dining room so that people could understand how the space flowed and imagine themselves in it. However, it wasn’t long after this that I started staging bedrooms too and the result was incredible. Suddenly the house no longer felt staged – It felt like a home. This bedroom is a great example because every wall offered multiple doors or windows so the placement of a bed and furniture was challenging.


My solution was to make the space feel larger. I knew the bed had to fit between the windows on the back wall… I searched everywhere for the perfect headboard but continued to strike out because everything was just slightly too big. Freddie and I brainstormed and decided a custom headboard was perfect for this space. Simple 1×4’s were stacked horizontally against a basic 2×4 frame. We mounted it to the wall to allow the bed to slide in far enough below it. It was painted Navy and then complimented with bedding by Nate Berkus from Target. Two airy nightstands with matching lamps aligned with the windows and helped to create perfect symmetry! To help create the sense of more height in the room, we added floor-to-ceiling curtains and flanked them on each side of the windows, which also added color and texture!


This bedroom staging was simple but successful and helped to communicate the flow and layout that the space needed. Anytime you’re flipping a house or selling your own – It’s essential to have good design that appeals to people. Most of the time this doesn’t make sense to a seller because they are selling the house and not the decor, but the decor helps to create the design, and the design is what people connect with.  Case and point: It was love at first sight for the bedroom and house… Because the buyer purchased the home furnished! So sometimes the decor is sold afterall… Any questions about this transformation or how you can stage for success? I can help! E-mail me at: for more information and consulting rates!


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